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Meet Our Team

  • Dr.
    P. Mander
    Dr. Mander has been working as a Veterinarian since he graduated in 1996. He strives to provide the best level of care for your pet(s) while working with you. He enjoys working with all animals big and small, and has completed his Masters in Veterinary Surgery. Dr. Mander has also been taking ongoing education on new orthopedic surgery techniques as well as endoscopy which in turn allows us to offer better surgery options. Thanks to his ongoing dedication to provide better care for our clients, we perform TTA surgery for cruciate ligament ruptures, bone plating and intramedullary pinning for repair of long bone fractures and also various endoscopic procedures for small animals. He is very dedicated to the veterinary profession, and makes sure to attend as many continuing education events as possible. As a thorough professional, he tries to do his very best for his patients.
  • Dr.
    Wineeta Weebadda
    Dr. Weebadda graduated in 1991 from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka from Veterinary Medicine and has also obtained her PhD in Pathobiology specializing in respiratory disease and mechanisms of diseases in 2004 from the University of Guelph. She comes to us from Rosser Park Cancer Research Institute in Buffalo, NY and Cancer Care Manitoba. To refresh herself in small animal medicine, Dr. Weebadda retrained in Clinical Veterinary medicine at the University of Guelph before joining our team 3 years ago. She loves being outdoors, playing tennis, travelling and spending time with her husband, 2 sons and a Siamese cat she rescued from Craig Street Cats name Poosa.
  • Trish
    Registered Veterinary Technologist/ Hospital Administrator

    As a graduate of the Animal Health Technology Program at Red River College, Trish has been working with the Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital Team since they opened their doors in 2010. She enjoys being outdoors, playing volleyball, cooking and camping. When not on the go, you may find her watching movies and curled up with her 2 dogs. One day Trish hopes to travel the world to experience new cultures and food.

  • Gina
    Registered Veterinary Technologist
    Gina graduated from the Animal Health Technology Program with Honors in 2009 and has been working in the field ever since. She has a special interest in small animal surgery, and behavior. In 2013, She travelled to Guatemala to work with a Sea Turtle Conservation Park and educate locals on the importance of protecting the population of turtles in the ocean, and on the beaches where she resided for a month. She has a keen interest to continue to travel and work with endangered animals, and further her education on internationally abused animals. When not working, Gina loves to travel, swim, and spend as much time in the outdoors as possible.
  • Ashley
    Registered Veterinary Technologist

    Ashley recently graduated from the Animal Health Technology program and is our newest Registered Veterinary Technician. She has always loved being with animals and has worked with both small and large animals in the past. Ashley is very excited to be starting her career and is eager to learn more and more each day about veterinary medicine. A goal of hers is to one day be a part of wildlife rehabilitation, and to ensure endangered species get a second chance at life. When not caring for animals at the hospital, she enjoys spending time with her two cats at home, being outdoors, and hanging out with friends.

  • Sara
    Veterinary Assistant
    Sara has had a love of animals since she can remember. Being raised with a family that breeds Huskies and labs makes her a large dog lover but her love doesn't stop there. She has been around everything from hamsters to horses. She has helped volunteer at Birds Hill ranch learning the ins and outs of daily horse and ranch care. She is planning to attend the Animal Health technology course at Red River in the near future. In her spare time she spends time with her loving dogs, going out for walks and taking them to the lake or just cuddled up watching a movie. She plans to continue her education to get a better knowledge of wildlife and hopefully do some work with wildlife rehabilitation.
  • Erica
    Veterinary Assistant
    Erica started working for the veterinary care group at the age of 16. She grew up with animals on a farm just outside of the city. Her favorite thing to do is work with nervous cats to make them feel comfortable during their visit with us. She likes to spend time with friends, family, animals, enjoys camping and hopes to travel in the near future. Her love for animals and the love animals have for her have given her aspirations of one day going to school and becoming a Registered Veterinary Technologist.
  • Katie
    Veterinary Assistant

    Katie is the newest member of our Fort Garry family, she has been interested in veterinary medicine and practice since she was very young. Her goal is to soon complete the veterinary technologist program and start working alongside our group of doctors. She takes pride in her caring nature, love and compassion she has for all animals she meets, and she enjoys educating and teaching others about the benefits of proper animal health and care. Katie is a hard worker who loves to learn new things, she is always up for a challenging situation and you can trust her for the care of your animals. In her spare time Katie loves nothing more then to spend time with her son, they enjoy playing outside, going for ice cream, and taking a drive to seek out new adventures. She is a great fit for the veterinary field and we look forward to seeing her reach her goals.

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