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Animal Hospital Tour

Virtual Office Tour of Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital

Please Enjoy a Tour of Our Animal Hospital Located in Winnipeg

Our Fort Garry Veterinary Services Team

If you are looking for the finest team of Winnipeg veterinarians, you have found them here at Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital. We are a full-service animal hospital offering veterinary services ranging from wellness pet care to dental care to pet grooming – and everything in between. Meet our expert staff who makes it all possible.

Dr. Pushpinder Mander DVM
One of our two Winnipeg veterinarians and a truly dedicated professional, Dr. Mander has been providing veterinary services since 1996 and treats both large and small animals. Already holding a Masters in surgery, Dr. Mander is taking additional courses in orthopedic surgery. As a result of his continued study, our animal hospital now performs surgery for cruciate ligament ruptures, bone plating, and repair of long bone fractures. He is also an expert in performing endoscopic procedures on small animals.

Dr. Wineeta Weebadda DVM
Dr. Weebadda completed her DVM in 1991 in Sri Lanka, followed by a Ph.D. in Pathobiology with a focus on respiratory disease. She spent time working at the Rosser Park Cancer Research Institute in Buffalo, NY and before joining our practice, took a refresher in small animal medicine. She brings a broad background and array of pet care knowledge to the practice.

Registered Animal Health Technologists
We currently have 4 registered animal health technologists, an indispensable position and support for both our veterinarians as well as patients. This qualification enables our techs to care for animals as well as assist in diagnosing and treating illnesses and disorders. This is a regulated position that requires regular re-certification. Meet our techs:
Trish: Also our hospital administrator, Trish is the person, who holds it all together for the Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital team. She is a graduate of the Animal Health Technology program at Red River College and balances her time between helping our veterinarians with pet care and organizing the office. She has been with the animal hospital since it opened in 2010.
Gina: After graduating from her Animal Health Technology program in 2009, Gina has been working in the field. She holds a particular interest in small animal surgery and behavior as well as working with endangered and abused animals. She also assists and works with our veterinarians and patients.
Michelle: A more recent graduate of the program, Michelle has been in small animal practice and has interests in nutrition and emergency medicine.
Court: Court is in their second year of the Animal Health Technology program. While Court finishes up school, we’ve enjoyed helping them learn and build new skills at our animal hospital.

Veterinary Assistant
This important job handles the hands-on care of pets including feeding, cleaning cages and other areas of the animal hospital. We currently have 4 assistants on staff: Jasmine, Sara, Vanessa and Erica.

Keeping pets clean and trimmed is an important, and often overlooked, aspect of pet care. Our professional staff offers these grooming services for pets: brushing, bathing, nail trimming, and anal gland expression.
No matter what veterinary services your pet needs, our animal hospital and experienced staff delivers superlative pet care. Call Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital, your outstanding veterinarians in Winnipeg, and ask about our new client special!

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