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Pet Grooming

Professional Grooming: An Essential Aspect of Pet Care

pet getting a bath in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Everyone loves a beautifully groomed, nice-smelling pet -- and the pet who has received such V.I.P. treatment loves it, too! But you may not realize that professional grooming from a skilled groomer doesn't produce welcome aesthetic benefits; it also provides a vital role in pet care by promoting and maintaining your beloved companion's health and wellness. That's why our team at Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital, under the direction of Dr. Pushpinder Mander, offers pet grooming in Winnipeg. Our grooming services include:

  • Brushing - Brushing your pet's hair may be the first image that comes to mind when you envision grooming. This step is indeed important, and not only for creating a nice glossy coat. Some pets shed more than others, and this extra hair needs to be carefully brushed out so it doesn't gather into dense mats. Matted hair is very difficult to untangle without causing your pet pain, so this task is best left to our professionals. (If mats are too dense to undo through brushing, we will trim them away as part of an attractive new haircut.) One of the biggest advantages of having this done at a vet clinic is that our veterinarian can examine the skin for any signs of tumors, lesions, dermatitis or infections that require treatment.
  • Bathing - If giving your pet a bath is an athletic challenge you'd just as well skip, you'll be relieved to turn the task over to us. We use gentle shampoos to remove dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria-attracting skin oils. If your pet has a pest problem, we can also employ flea and tick products to rid your pet of the invaders safely and effectively. This is also a good opportunity to examine your pet's eyes, ears, mouth and other external features for any signs of disease or injury.
  • Nail trimming - Overgrown toenails can damage flooring or furniture while also catching painfully on these surfaces and pulling away from the cuticle. The resulting wound not only hurts terribly but can also promote bacterial infection. Trimming a pet's nails is tricky work that can easily cause bleeding, pain and injury. Our skilled veterinary team and groomer has the necessary experience and expertise to do the job right.
  • Anal gland expression - Many animals, including dogs and cats, have anal glands that emit a fluid carrying that animal's characteristic scent. When the ducts to these glands become blocked, bacteria can proliferate in the fluid, and the pressure can literally build to the bursting point. We can express the anal glands to prevent and/or relieve this problem.

Turn to Our Groomer for Pet Grooming in Winnipeg

Now that you see the value of pet grooming in Winnipeg for helping your pet maintain an optimal state of wellness and comfort, why not rely on our groomer for that service? Call 204-452-9010 to add this form of preventative pet care to your favorite animal's health routine!

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