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Pet Endoscopy Services From Your Winnipeg Vet

Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital in Winnipeg is a pet first hospital. Our animal hospital does everything possible to look after the well-being and comfort of your beloved pet companions. When your pet is sick, we turn to the latest in diagnostic and surgical procedures to determine what is wrong and plan a course of treatment. One effective pet veterinary service our Winnipeg veterinarian and team now offer is endoscopy.

Winnipeg Veterinarian holding cat and dog

What is Pet Endoscopy?

Endoscopy is a form of minimally invasive exploratory pet surgery that utilizes either a rigid or flexible tube which is equipped with a control tip, lights and a miniature video camera. This endoscope is inserted into the area under scrutiny, either through one of the orifices in your pet’s body or through a small incision. They will then manipulate the tool into position to obtain digital images of the affected area.

Depending on your pet’s symptoms and medical history, we can utilize the endoscope to examine urinary and reproductive areas, the respiratory system, gastro-intestinal tracts, and the abdominal area. This allows him to observe any blockages, narrowings, or unusual growths that might be affecting your pet’s health. He may then use the endoscope to remove the polyp, growth, or blockage, especially if your pet has swallowed something that could get stuck and cause harm to the digestive tract. He may also insert a balloon into a constricted area, such as the colon or esophagus, so that he can inflate it and return the affected area to normal functioning.

Minimally Invasive Pet Endoscopies

Because we put pets first, we use minimally invasive pet endoscopies at our Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital. This is still considered a surgery which requires the use of a safe anesthesia, but we take great pains to make sure that your pet is comfortable and well-cared-for at each step. We first examine your pet to make sure it can withstand the event, perform comprehensive pre-operative tests, and monitor your pet closely at all times during the procedure. After the endoscopy is complete, we will continue to monitor your pet closely and provide any pain management that is needed. Because it is minimally invasive, the recovery period should be relatively fast. Upon review of the results of the endoscopy your veterinarian in Winnipeg will determine whether more extensive surgery may be needed for your pet.

If you think your pet has a health issue where endoscopy may be a solution, please call to discuss it with our Winnipeg veterinarians at Fort Garry Animal Hospital. We always put your pets first. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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