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Arthritis Services for Pets

Arthritis is a health condition that not only affects humans but also your pets. Arthritis refers to different types of chronic joint pain and stiffness. Though arthritis is exhausting for your loyal companion it does not have to diminish their quality of life. Our veterinarians Dr. Meander and Dr. Weebadda have immense experience in treating arthritis and pain management. You can rely on us to get your pet back to their happy, mobile and pain-free life. Schedule an appointment to discuss arthritis treatment for your pet at 204.452.9010.

How does arthritis develop in my pet?

Arthritis is common in older pets as aging takes a toll on their bones. Pets who had joint injuries, infections and inflammatory diseases can also suffer from arthritis. The most common type of arthritis that pets suffer from is osteoarthritis. This occurs when the cartilage between joints begins to wear out, which makes the bones rub against each other.

My pet is moving stiffly, is this a sign of arthritis?

Yes, that may very well be a symptom. Your pet’s first instinct is to hide that they are experiencing pain. Overtime, as the pain progresses, you can look out for changes in behaviour that are typical signs of arthritis. Your pet may:

  • Be more cautious when sitting down or standing up
  • Experience difficulty going up or down stairs
  • Be less playful/mobile
  • Walk more slowly
  • Vocalize in response to pain
  • Limp

    What can be done to treat arthritis in my pet?

    At the first sign of illness, we encourage you to make an appointment for your pet. Our veterinarians will evaluate your pet’s condition and provide appropriate treatment for any pain they are experiencing. Our pain management program uses strategies such as:

  • Nutritional supplements – We may recommend foods that aid in relieving inflammation naturally. The foods or supplements we typically recommend are fish oil, turmeric, ginger and glucosamine.
  • NSAIDs – This refers to inflammatory medications that don’t have steroids in them. These are used to safely relieve mild arthritis pain.
  • Corticosteroids – These are used in cases where arthritis does not respond to non-steroidal medications. Prednisone is a commonly used drug to treat severe arthritis pain.
  • Surgery – Our hospital uses surgery to treat advanced arthritis in pets. Arthroscopic surgery allows us to remove pieces of bone that are making the pain unbearable. We may also perform fusion surgery to hold the bones and joint in place permanently to prevent them from rubbing against each other.