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Behavioural Counselling Services for Pets

It is very common for some pets to have some bad habits. In fact, approximately 15% of pets have behaviour issues. Behaviour issues can leave pet owners feeling powerless when their attempts to fix the problems fail. Bad habits can put your pet and others in danger. With professional help, your pets can get rid of bad behaviours. Our veterinarians have advanced training in pet behaviours and can create treatment plans to modify your pet’s problematic habits.

How can I determine if my pet’s quirky behaviours need behavioural counselling?

Any behaviours from your pet that could affect the safety of themselves, other pets or humans are indications that your pet may need behaviour therapy. It is best for pet owners to have any unnatural behaviour examined by a veterinarian as they could have underlying issues. Once pain is ruled out a behaviourist can help your situation.

I work long hours. Can this affect my pet’s behaviour?

Yes, some pets experience separation anxiety. Another reason why pets may become aggressive or anxious is if they are bothered. Changes to their environment like new pets or people, or moving their litter box can trigger behavioural issues in your pet.

What are signs that my pet needs behavioural counselling?

When pets are annoyed, anxious or angry they display behaviours that can range from mild to possibly life-threatening. If you notice your pet is displaying any of the following, you should contact your veterinarian immediately:

  • Licking themselves compulsively until their fur comes off
  • Hiding
  • Pacing, panting or whining
  • Excessive barking or meowing
  • House soiling

    Many of these signs can stem from medical problems that your pet is experiencing, which is why you should contact your veterinarian to determine the cause. Schedule an appointment with us at 204.452.9010.