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Microchipping for Pets

Microchipping is a one-time procedure that can reunite you with a lost pet. It’s very natural for pets to wander around their environments but they can easily get lost in new areas. To keep your cherished pets out of shelters we recommend microchipping. Schedule your pet’s microchipping today at 204.452.9010.

What is microchipping and how do they work with pets?

It is important to know that microchips do not work like a global tracking device. They are small computer chips implanted below your pet’s skin between the shoulder and their neck. Each chip is registered to a database where the pet owner’s information is kept up-to-date. When a microchip scanner reads the chip, it transmits the pet’s ID number for the database.

My pet already has an ID tag, how is microchipping any different?

ID tags and microchips perform the same task. They provide your contact information so anyone who finds your lost pet has a way of returning them to you. Microchipping has more advantages as it cannot be lost, disconnected or damaged over time. Though microchips can’t be read with the naked eye, if your pet is taken to a shelter the chip will be scanned and they will be returned to you. If their ID tag gets lost, the chances of a reunion with your pet are significantly less.

Will my pet experience pain during microchipping?

Inserting the microchip inside your pet causes little to no pain. Our team is also very gentle with pets and works carefully to make sure they are at ease. The pain your pet may experience is comparable to getting an injection. The procedure is over in a minute and does not require any anesthesia.