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Senior Care for Pets

The golden years of your cherished pet’s life are critical. As your pet gets older, they are prone to illnesses and require special care. Our veterinarians are experts on the care that your loyal companion needs and we regularly provide treatment for illnesses associated with aging.

My pet is 7 years old, are they considered senior?

That depends, if your pet is a dog then yes. Dogs that are 7 years and older are considered seniors. Cats are considered seniors from 8 years old. Despite their age, your pet can be in really good health and might not show any signs of aging. Our veterinarians can determine your pet’s age.

What are signs that my pet is getting older?

  • Loss of their appetite
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Less energy
  • Develop hearing problems
  • Increase or decrease in their eating, drinking and urinating

    What are common health issues in senior pets?

    As your pet gets older, they are at a greater risk of developing illnesses. Regular checkups can detect illnesses in the early stages. Senior pets often suffer from kidney/liver problems, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, hormone disorder and cognitive dysfunction (similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans). These diseases can be life-threatening and should be treated immediately.

    What can I do to provide special care for my senior pet?

    You should work with your veterinarian so you know how to attend to the special needs of your pet. Our team will create a program for your senior pet that includes regular wellness examinations, nutritional plans, exercise and special accommodations for your specific pet. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 204.452.9010.