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X-ray Services for Pets

Radiography is becoming more popular in veterinary medicine. X-rays are diagnostic tools that help our team get valuable information about your pet’s well-being. X-rays help us identify illnesses and conditions without surgery or subjecting your pets to any kind of pain. Our hospital uses digital radiography, which means we see images in real-time and can send them to a specialist if needed.

What are X-rays used for in pets?

X-rays create images of your pet’s internal organs. Digital X-rays allow pet owners and veterinarians to view images in real-time and discuss treatment options. We use X-rays to check for arthritis, gallstones, spinal cord disease, fractures, bone tumours, periodontal disease, nasal cavity disease and to locate foreign objects. Early detection is important in maintaining overall health and digital X-rays are perfect when pressed for time. Contact our team to find out if digital X-rays can help diagnose your pet’s condition. Schedule an appointment at 204.452.9010.

Is the radiation from X-rays safe for my pet?

Yes. The radiation used in conventional X-rays has a very small amount of radiation, however our hospital uses digital X-ray which produces 80% less radiation. It is highly unlikely your pet will develop any conditions from radiation exposure in either traditional or digital X-rays.

Does my pet feel pain during digital X-rays?

No, the procedure is completely painless. Our registered veterinary technologists are highly experienced and make sure your pet is safe and comfortable during the scan.