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Veterinary Exam

Veterinary exams are the equivalent of yearly doctor checkups. They are designed to examine your pet’s health and adjust their lifestyle, diet and medications to maintain a happy life. At Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital, we encourage regular veterinary exams to ensure your furry friend’s well-being.

How are veterinary exams conducted?

During a veterinary exam our team will run a series of tests such as uterine, blood and imaging to detect any illnesses. Our veterinarian will also conduct a physical examination to ensure your pet is developing, as they should be for their age or breed. Throughout the entire process your pet is at ease, as we are very gentle when conducting examinations. We will ask about your pet’s lifestyle, behaviours and diet. You can also use this time to voice any concerns you have about your pet. Based on the results from the lab work our veterinarians may recommend special diets, medications or even specific exercises to keep your pet healthy.

When should my pet start having veterinary exams?

As soon as your pet is in your care, you should bring them in for an examination. Following this initial exam, your pet should come in for a veterinary checkup at least once every year. Your pet may require more than one checkup per year based on age, breed or pre-existing conditions.

How often should my senior pet get a veterinary exam?

Senior pets should come in for a veterinary exam twice each year. As your pets get older, their bodies don’t function the same and so you must stay on top of their health and catch illnesses in the early stage.

Kittens and puppies need a veterinary exam three times per year. To schedule your pet’s veterinary exam call us at 204.452.9010.